Telephone: 01623 746648 


Earlybirds have a realistic approach towards the needs of working parents.


Due to quick spread of infectious illness we would ask that your child does not attend nursery when ill and notification would be appreciated.

48 hours is the required time your child would have to remain at home if he/she has sickness/diarrhoea.

If your child falls ill while at nursery you will be contacted immediately.

We can administer medicines, but only if they are doctor prescribed and dated.


What Our Families are Saying

Since starting in the baby area Jenson’s confidence has grown in all areas of learning. Jenson has become a lot more sociable from being around his peers in nursery. The setting is wonderful and I can see Jenson gaining more skills from being outdoors, as this is one of his interests. We feel very informed as parents about any news, development, and day to day things.  
S Walton (parent)

Since starting nursery at the beginning of the year Jack has gained in confidence, become more social and has settled really well. The staff in the baby area show so much care and can’t do enough for Jack and me. Jack is learning a lot and seems do be doing something new every day. It is a lovely setting and Jack couldn’t be happier. Please keep doing the great job you ladies do!     
R.Smith (parent)